CEREC (One-Day Crowns)

Did you know that you can have your dental crown placed in a single dental appointment? With same day crowns, you can leave our office with a permanent, metal-free dental crown! This means no temporary crown and no second appointment! In, out and on with the rest of your life.

Sunset Dental uses CEREC® technology to make this possible. CEREC® stands for:

  • Chairside
  • Economical
  • Restorations
  • Esthetic
  • Ceramic

With CEREC® technology, you don’t have to leave the dental chair, your treatment will be more economical since a dental lab is not needed, and your teeth will be quickly restored with a metal-free, tooth-colored ceramic dental crown. In some cases, other dental materials such as EMAX, EMPRESS, CELTRA-DUO, and ZIRCONIA may be used.


Did You Know?

With CEREC® dental crowns and restorations, there is no need for dental laboratories or provisional restorations. Instead you can receive your permanent restoration in a single appointment, meaning you don’t have to worry about waiting for weeks or the restrictions of a provisional restoration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for CEREC®?

You may be a candidate for CEREC® if you have damaged or decayed teeth in need of a dental crown and are looking for a fast, easy method. To find out if a CEREC® same day dental crown is the right choice for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jerry Kronquist and Dr. Amanda Rae Kronquist of Sunset Dental Group today.

What can I expect when having a CEREC® same day dental crown placed?

To begin your CEREC® same day dental crown procedure, our dentists will start by anesthetizing the affected area to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Next, your tooth will be prepared for the placement of a dental crown by removing or reshaping some of your enamel to accommodate your new dental crown. Then, a digital image will be obtained using a specialized scanner. This image will be directly uploaded to a computerized system which will be used to create a virtual model of your tooth. This image will be used to identify the color, shape, and the type of biting or chewing surface for your dental restoration.

Once the dental restoration information has been approved, it will be sent to our in-office milling unit. In as little as twenty minutes, your customized dental restoration will be fabricated while you wait. After its fabrication, your restoration may be stained or glazed, and then fired in an oven for about fifteen minutes. The entire fabrication process can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes, depending on what steps are required.

After your dental restoration has been completely fabricated, our dentists will place the restoration in your mouth to check its fit and to ensure its color matches the surrounding teeth. Once the restoration fit is confirmed, your permanent restoration will be cemented in place, concluding your appointment.

How long with my CEREC® same day crown appointment last from start to finish?

From start to finish, your CEREC® same day crown appointment is likely to last about two hours. This two hours includes the initial preparation of the affected tooth by removing some enamel, the digital scan to obtain imaging information, the custom fabrication of your CEREC® crown from our in office milling machine, and the final fitting and permanent crown placement.

What can I expect after having a CEREC® same day dental crown placed?

After having your CEREC® same day dental crown placed, you will be ready to return to your usual activities. Because the restoration is permanent, you won’t have the same limitations that you would with a provisional restoration. In the days directly following your crown placement, you may experience minor tooth sensitivity as your mouth adjusts to the new crown. This should fade naturally within a few days.

Woman in striped shirt smiling against a gray wall

To maintain your CEREC® dental crown, you will need to practice good oral habits such as brushing twice daily for two minutes at a time using a fluoridated toothpaste, flossing once a day, and visiting Sunset Dental at least twice a year for your dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings. To prevent your dental crown from damage, you will also want to avoid detrimental behaviors such as nail biting, teeth grinding, or using your teeth as an opener. Although your dental crown is strong, over time these behaviors can cause it to weaken.

What materials are used for CEREC® same day crowns?

All teeth restored with CEREC® same day crowns are restored with a metal-free, tooth colored ceramic dental crown. Sunset Dental offers a variety of materials, including:

  • Emax: also known as IPS, Emax crowns are made from lithium disilicate, which combines the strength of metal and the aesthetics of ceramic into one material.
  • Empress: dual layers of ceramic that offers an extremely aesthetic look, however only offers moderate strength.
  • Celtra-Duo: Combines lithium disilicate with zirconia for a dental crown that is both aesthetic and strong, but can also be easily milled in office.
  • Zirconia: can easily be milled in office and offers strength and varying levels of translucence for a natural appearance.

How much do CEREC® crowns cost?

CEREC® crowns can vary in price depending on the materials used to mill them. Although CEREC® crowns are produced with state of the art technology, they cut out additional dental lab and provisional restoration fees. Because of this, their cost is about the same as a traditional dental crown. Also, many dental insurance companies will offer partial coverage for CEREC® dental crowns and a few companies may also cover the entire cost.

To obtain your perfect smile with Same Day Crown services, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jerry Kronquist, Dr. Zakary Adam Kronquist, and Dr. Amanda Rae Kronquist of Sunset Dental Group today. Sunset Dental Group serves Santa Ana and other central Orange County communities.

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