Woman Experiencing Dental Pain at Home

Oral Surgery For Trigeminal Neuralgia And Orofacial Pain

Having orofacial pain is more common than most people realize. Often, many people go through orofacial pain every day without treatment, and some go through the trials of trigeminal neuralgia, an orofacial condition that’s considered one of the most painful conditions today. Oral surgeons often work to help treat patients facing orofacial pain through various […]

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Dentists Helping Patient Through Oral Surgery

What You Should Do When Recovering From Oral Surgery

For many individuals, oral surgery is an outpatient procedure in their dentist’s office. You can drive home after the surgery if you’re not given heavy painkillers. Despite some oral surgeries not requiring hospitalization, you still have to adhere to a recovery schedule. Following your surgeon’s instructions to the letter is vital for recovery.  What to […]

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Dentist Working on Patient Restorations

Direct vs. Indirect Restorations: What’s the Difference?

For dentists, performing restorations are considered the best way to care for people’s teeth. If you’ve been looking into restorations, you may have come across terms such as direct and indirect restorations. While these terms may sound confusing initially, these two restorations are essential for caring for your teeth in various ways. We’re here to […]

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Braces Model Showcasing Teeth

Finding Pain Relief After Getting Your First Set of Braces

If you’ve just received your dental appliance recently, you may be experiencing some discomfort. Once your dentist has installed your appliance, you might experience a sore and tender sensation in the gums. While typically common in patients who’ve just received new braces, these signs of discomfort should pass within a few weeks. To address the […]

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Successful Men's Dental Treatment

Why More Men Are Receiving Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Men are starting to turn to cosmetic treatments because many aspects of how we view our health are changing for the better. Today, there are more men out in the world caring about their appearance than there were over 30 years ago, and it’s due to the broader acceptance of professions such as cosmetic dentistry […]

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Orthodontic Anchorage

What is The Orthodontic Anchorage Technique?

Dentists attempting to care for their patients tend to have many techniques. As one of the most magical things about dentistry, learning techniques on how to approach oral health is one of the key components of providing good oral care for everyone. One technique that’s commonly used in orthodontic clinics is the anchorage technique. Tooth […]

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Dental Appointment Vector Image

What Does A Conservative Approach Mean in General Dentistry?

For some patients, getting dental treatments can be terrifying, especially if they suffer from dental anxiety. Dental problems are always troublesome, but those who tend to suffer from dental phobias often have difficulty trusting their dentists for the care they need. To combat this issue, some dentists have begun working with other forms of dentistry […]

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White Spot Lesions

Have Post-Orthodontic White Spots? Here’s How It Can be Treated

As more people are caring about their dental health, many people have started going through the years required to finish their orthodontic treatment, hoping to receive straightened smiles in the end. But for those who just got the braces off, some may have signs of white spot lesions. White spot lesions can appear as thin, […]

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Rotary Tools with Tooth Model

The Top Aesthetic and Restorative Products Used By Dentists

Dentists thrive on three things: their techniques, tools, and materials. Through these things, many dentists can produce treatments that improve the outcome of your care; for cosmetic and restorative dentists especially, the materials used during treatments matter, sometimes even more. Even the most skilled dentists cannot produce the right results if they don’t have the […]

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Dental Intraoral Scanner

What Does A Conservative Approach Mean in General Dentistry?

Many dentists have to rely on their judgment and experience when treating their patients, and in many cases, excessive tooth removal is an extensive problem within the dental industry that often results in wasted time and money and can even cause further problems down the road. One of the biggest issues tackling the dental industry […]

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Digital imaging

How Scanning and Virtual Planning Can Improve Aesthetic Outcomes

Innovations in dental imaging technology have led to changes in how oral health care is delivered in recent years. Using new techniques, cosmetic dental care is more accessible than ever before. Trying to determine the outcome of cosmetic treatments has always been something of a guessing game. The patient tries to describe what they want […]

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Sad child

How Dentists Can Spot Signs of Abuse

It’s unfortunate that medical practitioners encounter signs of child abuse in every industry. Any time a child is permitted to experience mental, physical, or emotional harm, Child abuse has occurred. Physical and sexual abuse is encountered, as is neglect. In most child abuse cases, it’s common for injuries to the neck, face, and head to […]

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Anesthesia procedure

The Brief History of Local Anesthesia and Controlling Dental Pain

In practically every dental office, you’ll often find that for controlling any source of dental pain, your dentist will use some anesthesia before a procedure. Anesthetics are substances that control pain, and today’s anesthetics can provide faster pain relief before and during treatment. Anesthesia has advanced over the last few centuries, and its history has […]

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Cosmetic Dental Options

How Smile Dysmorphia and Selfie Culture Creates New Aesthetics Demands

With the influences of social media, our self-image has become integrated into every part of our lives. The internet has brought on daily realities when we check social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. Although social media has brought us the ability to connect with one another easily, many people often report how unaccomplished […]

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Dental Work

How Cosmetic Dentists Improve Tooth Sizes and Your Smile

Cosmetic dentists have more to them than just working with one’s appearance – due to the stereotypes associated with cosmetic dentistry; many people can often assume that cosmetic dentists don’t work with their patient’s health or consider the implications of their treatments. However, that assumption is far from the reality of everyday cosmetic dentists working […]

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Woman revealing black mold

The Risk of Mold Infestations on Oral Health

When our gums appear puffy and red, and our teeth don’t look so good, it can amount to numerous causes. From poor oral hygiene to genetics, any time when our oral health suffers means more trips to the dentist and more treatments. No matter the cause of your cavity, it’s important to receive treatment as […]

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease and How It Affects Your Cancer Risk

Those who have periodontal disease can have a larger risk of developing some forms of cancer, as researchers found that various factors found with this disease can affect the oral microbiome, which in turn affects the relationship between our bacteria, disease, and our bodies as a whole. Nearly 54,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer […]

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A Beautiful Smile

New Dental Discoveries May Eliminate Decay Concerns

During the process of scheduling our next bi-annual dental appointment, we’re primarily concerned about new cavities. This is unsurprising, as tooth decay can be expensive to reverse at best. At worst, it can also be excruciatingly painful. If you’re one of those that follow a meticulous routine of oral hygiene, you’re generally safe. However, there […]

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A bamboo brush rising above plastic ones

Discover If Your Toothbrush Is Sustainable

Toothbrushes are one of the most highly recommended products provided by the healthcare industry. Still, not much attention is given to how these toothbrushes affect our planet. Measuring the environmental impact of healthcare devices has been on the downslide due to the increasing demands of the healthcare industry. Still, toothbrushes are one of the largest […]

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Woman using an asthma inhaler

Potential Solutions For Oral Health Concerns From Asthma

Having asthma means doesn’t just mean respiratory problems. For some, their asthma also means that it makes it harder for them to care for their teeth. Constant inflammation attacks, continuous build-up of mucus, and restricted airways can cause problems for the mouth’s internal microbiome of bacteria, leading to more harmful species of bacteria such as […]

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Vitamin D written in the beach

The Interconnected Nature Of Vitamin D Deficiency and Periodontal Disease

Vitamin D is a nutrient our bodies need, and our bodies cannot produce this vitamin independently. Knowing this means that we need to get this vitamin from sources such as the sun, food, and even supplements to gain its benefits. However, having a vitamin deficiency can be considered dangerous to our health long-term, and for […]

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Woman experiencing sensitive teeth

The Impact Our Mental Health Can Have On The Health Of Our Smile

With mental health awareness becoming more prominent each day, how our mental health affects our lives has become a more visible concern within the dental community. Having mental health problems can reach out into every aspect of our lives, including how often we brush and floss our teeth. For patients that have conditions such as […]

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Young pregnant women

Dental Problems To Watch Out For While Pregnant

Among the various worries across a new mother’s mind, their oral health is often the least of their concerns. However, women’s bodies are put through stressors during pregnancy that the after-effects can impact their oral health in various ways. For pregnant women, it’s essential to care for their teeth and gums because the state of […]

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Collection Of Food Groups

How A Balanced Diet Can Protect Your Teeth

What you eat each day matters not just for your gut but also for your teeth! Eating a balanced diet can reduce the chance of developing various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and irritable bowel syndrome. However, what you put into your body also affects your oral health in ways that you’d least […]

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Toothbrush on shoreline

Sustainable Oral Hygiene Techniques To Save The Environment

In every step of our dental hygiene routine, we can find plastic. Inexpensive, durable, and resistant to damage from the water it’s frequently subjected to, it’s no surprise that this material is a favorite of manufacturers. It’s found in the tubes of our toothpaste, the containers our floss comes in, and the bottles of our […]

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Cup of Steaming Coffee

How Coffee Can Help Your Oral Health

If you’ve ever searched for whether coffee harms your teeth, well, you’re not alone. Coffee’s one of the most popular drinks globally due to its high amounts of caffeine and its ability to keep people awake. Its ability to stimulate the brain and keep people working hard, leading to about 146 billion cups made in […]

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Elderly woman receiving dental care

Link Between Oral Hygiene and Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia has become one of the largest causes of disability for the elderly, and Alzheimer’s disease as a neuro-generative condition has contributed greatly to the loss of dental health among the elderly. Many problems have arisen due to the increasing prevalent connection between poor oral health and Alzheimer’s disease. With this increased rate, tooth loss, […]

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When You Should Get Dental Implants

When facing the reality of losing a tooth, many patients can experience feelings of self-consciousness, dread, or embarrassment. While these emotions are understandable, it’s important to realize that millions of Americans are living with a missing tooth. Of them, many have lost an entire arch or even every tooth they had. In the past, the […]

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Dental Bridges

The Four Types of Dental Bridges

While traditional dentures and bridges are still commonly used in dental practices, dental implants are the rising star of restoration dentistry. Every year further advances make these complete restorations more accessible for a broader range of patients. This means that understanding the options available and how they can help you restore missing teeth is more […]

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Forceps holding extracted tooth

Two Types Of Dental Extraction

While many of us look forward with dread at the prospect of having a tooth extracted, it’s a very common procedure. Of all adult Americans, nearly 74% have had to have an extraction performed at some point in their lives. While every extraction is different depending on which tooth needs removing and the patient’s specific […]

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