Implants and Bone Grafts


The replacement of a missing or damaged tooth is a terrific way for you to restore your smile. Dental implants are a permanent method of replacing the missing tooth and will give you a natural look that will allow you to feel confident in your smile.

Sunset Dental Group and Jerry Kronquist, DDS will discuss with you the potential need for bone grafts prior to the placement of your dental implants. While it may sound a little bit scary, bone grafting is a routine procedure that can be done without discomfort.

Understanding the Necessity of Bone Grafts

It may be something you’re expecting or it may come as a surprise to learn from Dr. Jerry Kronquist that before you can get your dental implants, you will need a bone graft.

There are several reasons that a bone graft may be necessary. One of the primary reasons faced is due to the damage that gum disease can do. Gum disease can also lead to tooth loss. The gum disease will need to be treated prior to any other procedures taking place.

Tooth loss and trauma to the area can also lead to the loss of bone. Dental bone grafting will restore the bone to ensure you get the best results from the placement of your dental implant.

Another reason that bone grafts may be done is due to the fact that the jaw and other bones in your face provide the support for your facial muscles. Without the bones providing your muscles and skin with the support needed, you may find that you look prematurely aged.

How Bone Grafts Work

The source of the material used for your bone graft may be synthetic, your own tissue, or be from a donor source. The graft acts less as a whole replacement for the missing bone and rather as a platform upon which your own new bone will grow.

Your grafting procedure may vary from what someone else experiences. This is because no two procedures are alike. The approach thatDr. Kronquist takes will depend on the location of the needed graft, the degree of loss of bone, and whether the procedure occurs directly after a tooth extraction.

Dental implants need to have a certain amount of bone in order to be successful and to ensure sufficient anchoring of the implant. Bone regeneration can increase the bone mass, allow for the implant to be placed securely, and provide you with a natural look.

Sunset Dental Group and Dr. Jerry Kronquist will ensure that you are an educated and informed patient prior to any bone grafting and dental implant procedures. Make your appointment today, and get back your beaming brilliant smile.

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