Overcoming Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is a common ailment at all ages, but getting your teeth checked regularly is essential in maintaining good dental health. If you’re afraid of seeing the dentist you’re in good company, thousands of people all over the world have a fear of the dentist that even they realize is bordering on irrational. A history of great experiences is no defense against dental phobia, as it is generally a fear of what COULD go wrong rather than what HAS. If you’re looking for a way to battle your dental phobia, we’ve put together a list of ways to handle it and get back to great health.

Picking The Right Dentist

Selecting your dentist is one of the most important parts of taking control of your dental phobia. Some dentists don’t have patience for those who are suffering from dental phobia, and that makes them a terrible match for those struggling with this concern. Children who face this concern should be taken to a pediatric dentist to ensure they’re being treated by a dentist who understands their frame of mind. Picking a random dentist is the worst way to go about it, so do your research. Talk to friends, look at their reviews online, pop in and interview the office, and if you get a good feelings about them, give them a test check-up to see about their bedside manner.

Facing A Fear Of Needles

The fear of needles comes from many sources, and it rarely has a single recognizable starting point. It’s such a common fear that 20% of all patients suffer from some degree of this phobia. Make sure your dentist is aware of your concerns and ask what they can do to help you face your fear, or let them know what you’ve done in the past when a needle was unavoidable. Dentists typically have a gel they apply to the gums that numb them completely, making the injection utterly painless.

The Whine Of The Drill

Dental drill’s have a signature noise that’s hard to mistake, and for some patients this sound goes straight to their bones before they’ve even seen the drill. Like the needle patients who are to have the drill used on them are given a numbing gel or injection to make it painless. All the patient will experience is vibration and a sort of light pressure. Headphones can help you cope with the sound of the noise, and some dentists have started using laser surgery as well, when possible.

If you’re hoping to start seeing your dentist to protect the health of your teeth, but are concerned your dental phobia may make the situation difficult, it’s time to make the call. If you live in the Santa Ana CA area and are looking for a dentist to treat your concerns, pick up the phone and give Dr. Amanda Rae Kronquist a call at Sunset Dental Group. Her team of experts have been helping patients cope with dental phobia while pursuing excellent oral health with compassion and integrity, and they’re ready to help you.

DR. JERRY KRONQUIST, DDS At Sunset Dental Group, dentistry is a family affair. They are dedicated to providing expert dental care to the Santa Ana community, Drs. Jerry, Amanda, and Zachary Kronquist bring nearly 60 years of combined experience to their practice. Patients at Sunset Dental benefit from the kind of dental care that only comes at a clinic where dentistry is a family tradition.
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