Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important


Losing teeth is not fun. Depending on where you lost the tooth, having a gaping hole in your mouth that you constantly feel in your mouth. If your tooth got damaged due to an accident, then your dentist would have had to surgically remove any leftover roots and pulp from the wound. After weeks and months from healing, all that’s left is a gaping hole, and having gaps in your gums can even have problems of its own depending on how well you take care of your teeth.

Your Teeth Depend on One Another

Teeth don’t work alone. They depend on the neighboring teeth for support and to spread around the work of chewing up food. So, if you have fewer teeth, it means that whatever teeth you have left will have to work harder to compensate for that lost tooth. Also, teeth also depend on one another for alignment, and so if one tooth goes missing, the teeth that are growing will go bend and misalign in different directions, causing your teeth to become crooked. The empty space in your gums can also be posed to deteriorate, causing further complications such as infections and decay.

How Can I Prevent These Problems?

The best solutions for this problem is to replace the missing tooth. Dentist offer numerous ways of replacing the teeth, including crowns, implants, dentures, and veneers. Crowns and veneers are generally used to cover the tooth, while dentures and implants are used to replace the tooth entirely. Depending on how bad your mouth health is, you may need to use either one or more of these methods to fully repair your mouth form the damage.

One important thing to consider when it comes to replacing your lost teeth is the expenses involved. Some options are more expensive than others, and depending on what you need, it can lead to a hufe bill at the end of the day. If you have concerns related to your missing teeth, speak to your dentist about the options they have in regards to cost-effective solutions. Implants, however, tend to be the most successful way of replacing and filling the gap in your teeth, as they act just like regular teeth and are a permanent solution to your teeth problems.

How Do I Know What’s Right For Me?

Once you’ve decided on what you need, speak to your dentist about the costs and options that you have for caring. If you have any questions regarding how to take care of your teeth after the procedure, dentists such as Dr. Amanda Rae Kronquist at Sunset Dental Group will be able to give you the best advice you need to care for your oral health. Working in the Santa Ana, CA area for years, Dr. Kronquist has experience working with all kinds of patients, including ones who have most recently lost their teeth, so if your in trouble, don’t hesitate to call today and schedule an appointment for your checkup.

DR. JERRY KRONQUIST, DDS At Sunset Dental Group, dentistry is a family affair. They are dedicated to providing expert dental care to the Santa Ana community, Drs. Jerry, Amanda, and Zachary Kronquist bring nearly 60 years of combined experience to their practice. Patients at Sunset Dental benefit from the kind of dental care that only comes at a clinic where dentistry is a family tradition.
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